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The Benefits of Having a Home Office - Carpenters in Princes Risborough

Published on
June 20, 2020
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Many of us, during these strange times, have been forced to move our work lives away from the office and into our homes. Now, this is all well and good if you have an established workspace somewhere in your home, one that is quiet and can ensure productivity and minimize distraction. However, for many, there has not previously been a pressing need for such a space.

Friends and customers have described that they often relocated to the dining table or breakfast bar to complete the daily work tasks amidst the ongoing situation and later scoop up paperwork and place it elsewhere when the day is done. Although the likes of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were famed for having messy workspaces, this is typically not the most effective way to work. Whether you are working on the next breakthrough in physics research, creating a product that will change the world, or working your way through the seemingly endless bombardment of emails; a dedicated home office space is essential.

Below, we have listed 5 benefits of having a home office by carpenters in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire:

    Increase Your Property Value

Turning a conservatory into a home office could negatively impact the value of your home, but if you take advantage of unused space or add to your home on you automatically add value. And even if you convert an existing room, home offices are becoming more and more popular and could be just the feature a potential buyer is looking for.

    Availability and Convenience

If you have clients in different time zones, it’s your job to adjust your schedule to their availability. With a home office it’s easier to “meet” with clients during what would be off hours; slipping into your home office for an hour is a lot more convenient than driving to your outside office.


Professor Robert Kelly, an associate professor of international relations recently gave his expert opinion on CNN News regarding a dire political crisis in South Korea. He broadcasted direct from his home office becoming a viral internet sensation when his two children loudly burst into the room on live television.

The point is that there’s so much that can distract you when you’re working from home. Whether it’s curious kids or noisy neighbours, you must be able to shut yourself off so that you can work distraction-free.

    Personal Touch

The beauty of having your own home office workspace is that it’s yours! You can free yourself from the bland mass-produced office furniture and create something with your own personal touch. Whether you want a Scandinavian style workspace with minimalism at the forefront or a classic workstation with a rich-coloured oak decorated with a banker’s lamp, we can make that happen.

We, at Carpenta, offer 2-D and 3-D computer-aided design service, so that you can easily visualise your space before it becomes a reality.

    The Future

Experts have estimated that “after the current crisis, flexible working will become the new norm and we will see a shift in the working culture. More employees are likely to ask for flexibility to work from home”. In the UK, Barclays Bank has already seen the benefits, with 70,000 of its 80,000 employees remotely working from home. Moreover, many individuals have experienced the advantageous aspects of not commuting, allowing more time to spend with family and pursuing hobbies. Perhaps, the silver lining of this turbulent time is a gradual movement towards the esoteric idea of a work/life balance.