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Fitted Furniture in Oxford

Published on
January 20, 2021
Digital Marketing
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The City of Oxford is grounded within British history, primarily due to the University, which emerged in the 12th century. The University, which has attracted a multitude of the world’s intellectual elite in times past, also served as an indirect architectural hub of inspiration, as it grew in size and prominence; and as time elapsed.

Although the architectural history of the City predates the emergence of the University, with some Saxon infrastructure still standing strong (St Michael at the North Gate), the addition of new colleges over the centuries added a timestamp of the various movements, which are evident in the skyline; one which is most definitely unmatched compared to other major cities. Of course, as the student population grew, so did the libraries. Most notably, the Bodleian Library building, which beautifully houses major literary works, but also serves as the perfect Instagram backdrop for tourists visiting. However, although the magnificence of the exterior is regularly photographed, along with the interior, which appears to be plucked straight from Hogwarts, the talented individuals that pieced together both aspects are seemingly non-existent.

A quick google search makes this starkly evident. Nevertheless, although their physical erections are not written down in the history books, it could be assumed that the original carpenters inscribed their initials within the inner crevices of the bookshelves and staircases, in order to cement their mark in history. This is a practice which many carpenters still continue, a sort of unmentioned tradition. New carpenters have also embraced the various digital platforms to solidify their creations in history too.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest serve as an array of inspiration for consumers, and a community wherein which trades people can share their knowledge and expertise. Albeit in a slightly different way, the mark that tradesmen leave upon the digital sphere is significant, and perhaps even more impactful than anything that an etch or signature could achieve. Type the hashtag #fittedfurniture or #fittedfurnitureoxford into the Instagram search bar and you’ll be presented with an endless stream of the best woodworking talent within both Oxfordshire and the World; ranging from furniture which was designed and created today, or something a few centuries ago. Oscar Wilde, who studied at Magdalen College, remarked:

Oxford still remains the most beautiful thing in England, and nowhere else are life and art so exquisitely blended, so perfectly made one’.

As the contemporary world embraces modernity, architecturally and technologically speaking, the juxtaposition between old and new heightens. Therefore, the current carpenters need not only to be highly skilled craftsmen, but also visionaries that weave together these time periods in a complimentary manner; as did their predecessors.