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Carpenters in Chinnor - Bespoke Storage

Published on
March 8, 2020
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For those that live in the picturesque village of Chinnor, finding a professional carpenter to create bespoke storage may feel like a difficult task. However, at Carpenta, we pride ourselves on catering to a large number of clients in and around Buckinghamshire. Our next target is to bring our services to more of Oxfordshire and enable households from young professionals to those in retirement to achieve the furniture they want in their homes.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you partner with us to create your dream storage or furniture. With over 35 years of experience, you can rest easy knowing that your design wants are in safe and knowledgeable hands. Even as a bespoke carpentry company, Carpenta offers only honest prices for our materials and time spent creating the exact project that you’ve asked for.

If you’re still not sure we’re the right company for your carpentry needs, let us tell you a little more about the services that we can provide. First of all, you should know that all of our materials are ethically sourced and of extremely high quality. You won’t get any splinters from our woodwork, and there definitely won’t be any issues with quality or the final look of the piece.

Next, let’s look at the various units that we’ve built in the past. Carpenta has been responsible for the creation of several various bespoke pieces, from alcove units to bookcases. We’ve put together floating shelves, beautiful summer decking, and even built fitted wardrobes into a range of spaces for our clientele.

But that’s still not everything we offer! Alongside our bespoke storage and furniture, we also do bespoke joinery. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, or a first-time homeowner/renter, joinery is everything from doors and windows to furniture mouldings for particular periods (such as Victorian-style furniture mouldings for an extravagant look). We also restore timber, just in case your own furniture or features of your home need a little TLC. There are plenty of other items and projects we could mention, but that’s not why you’re here – you came to learn about our bespoke storage, so let’s get back on-track!

All of the storage designed at Carpenta is built by hand. We can tailor your storage to any style you’re looking for, whether you prefer a contemporary piece or something that’s more minimalist. As mentioned above, we also cater towards period styles, such as Victorian, Edwardian, or Georgian. If you’re unsure, just ask us what we’re versed in, and we’ll be happy to show you some example of previous designs.

The storage you’re looking to have created can be any size. We build our pieces to your specifications, with multiple checks to ensure the crafted furniture will fit where you want it before it’s fully put into place. Any nook or cranny that you have in your home has the potential to be a storage area. As a homeowner, it’s never a bad idea to utilise the space that you have around you. Carpenters in Chinnor.