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Alcove Cupboards in Wendover

Published on
August 12, 2021
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There is no greater satisfaction than providing a customer with exactly what they are
looking for, both design and function-wise.

I recently worked with a client who wanted me to build a three-door alcove cupboard in
their home. They also wanted two long floating shelves placed above the cupboard to give
them additional storage/display space. They aimed to have a TV on the top of the unit, with
cabinets underneath and the shelving above. Giving them a great focal point for their home.
As with all my projects, I knew the first stage would be getting to know what they wanted
and drawing up a design to show just how it would look. To do this, I needed to visit their
premises, and there I carried out an onsite survey. Gathering all the information
that I needed, I was able to create a 3D working drawing to showcase what the combination
would look like and give the client a detailed quotation of the cost of their project.

Once the client accepted the quote, it was time to create the addition to their house.
I made the base alcove unit out of furniture board which had white melamine facing on it.
This was the easier part of the project. The shelves were trickier to put together primarily
because they had to have additional strength added to them, which would stop the shelves
from sagging once items were placed on them.
All of these things were made in our workshop that is based in Buckinghamshire and always
to a high level of quality and finish.

It was there in the workshop that everything was spray-painted in a water-based paint
colour. It needed four coats to ensure that the finish was the best that it could be. It was
decided that the colour needed to match the Farrow & Ball “Elephants Breath” to fit in with
the rest of the design and style of the house.

The client had requested a simple shaker door design on the unit. These were created using
a five-piece joinery method, which is a style that the client liked. The client had also picked
out beautiful doorknobs bought from the Suffolk Latch Company, and that fitted in perfectly
with the shaker doors and the overall feel of this brand new space in their home.
Installation was not entirely straightforward, as the house itself was pretty old, and this had
left them with what could only be described as “wonky walls”. However, this is something
that I have worked with before, and I knew that I needed to ensure that we only used the
best quality materials, such as Blum Cabinet Hinges, which are guaranteed for life.

I really enjoyed working on this project, creating a unique space in the clients home to be
able to keep a TV and display their own family items and photographs.